Company Name




5-28-1, Sendagaya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 151-0051 Japan


FAX: +81-3-3350-0775

Paid-up Capital

JPY 80,000,000


Wataru Yamamoto, President

Line of Business

1) Design, development and manufacturing of apparatus for wet surface treatment (Capacity: 100L or below), testing and analyzing equipment for wet surface treatment (except for coating).
2) Design, development and manufacturing of wet surface treatment related products (equipment, materials and chemicals).
3) Design, development and manufacturing of experimental instruments for liquid sample in biomedical engineering field.

Major Customers

National and public Institute / University laboratory
Plating solution supplier
Specialty plating company
Major electrics/electronics/device manufactures
Precision instrument manufacturer
MEMS-related laboratories & manufactures
Raw/Primary Materials Manufacture
Automotive / Aerospace manufacturer
Heavy and chemical industry manufactures
Trading companies
Plating Skills Assessment Committee(Japan)


  1. Plating Analyzer
    Titration Analyzers, Boume Hydrometer, Sulphameter,

  2. Plating Test Kit
    Hull Cell Test Kit,Jet Plating,Strain Gauge-Type Stress-Meter,Spiral Contract-Meter, Haring Cell

  3. Wafer Plating Kit
    Silicon Wafer Plating Kit

  4. Laboratory and Small-lot Production Kit
    Beaker-KUN, , 2L laboratory Tank set,

  5. Barrel
    Horizontal Barrel, Tapered Barrel, Micro Barrel,Dummy Ball

  6. Tank
    Materials vary and tank volume from 33ml to 200L

  7. Heater/Thermostat
    Small Heaters, immersion heater, L-type heater

  8. Filter and agitation
    Multi-Filter, Air pump, Air Filter, cartridge

  9. Power Supply
    Programmable Power Supply, Silicon Rectifier, Step-down Transformer

  10. Cathode Rocker
    Paddle Cathode Rocker 200BWA, forr Electroless Plating, Beaker plating

  11. Jig
    Clasp for heater, sensor, Crips for samples, Rack

  12. Anode/Cathhoode
    Size vary, Hole processing and cutting are available

  13. Brush Plating
    For repair of wear and scratches and Decorative plating (engraving, etc.)
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