Inspecting concentration of plating solution

The photo above is one of our popular products, called the “Test Kit” series. By using these products, you can easily inspect concentration of plating solution’s ingredient(s). You just need to conform to simple titration procedure printed on the stand, like “add solution A, then add solution B …” . The value of graduated burette is equal to the value of concentration. No need to solve complicated equation.

Type of solutionProduct No.Name of test kitInspection item
ChromiumA-03Chromic Acid Test KitChromium trioxide(g/L)
NickelA-08Nickel Plating Test KitNickel sulfate(g/L)
Nickel chloride(g/L)
Boric acid(g/L)
A-09Nickel Sulfamate Plating Test KitNickel sulfamate(g/L)
Nickel chloride(g/L)
Boric acid(g/L)
A-21Nickel Chloride Strike Plating Test KitNickel chloride(g/L)
Hydrochloric acid(g/L)
A-22Electroless Nickel Plating Test KitNickel(g/L)
Sodium phosphinate monohydrate(g/L)
CopperA-14Copper Sulfate Plating Test KitCopper sulfate(g/L)
Sulfuric acid(g/L)
A-16Copper Pyrophosphate Plating Test KitMetal copper(g/L)
Potassium pyrophosphate(g/L)
A-23Cupric Chloride Etching Solution Test KitCopper chloride(g/L)
Hydrochloric acid [Hydrogen chloride](g/L)
A-13Copper Cyanide Plating Test KitCopper cyanide(g/L)
Free sodium cyanide(g/L)
ZincA-11Zinc Cyanide Plating Test KitZinc(g/L)
Sodium cyanide(g/L)
Sodium hydroxide
A-12Zincate Plating Test KitZinc(g/L)
Sodium hydroxide(g/L)
Alumite (aluminium anodization)
A-24Alumite Electrolyte Solution Test Kit Sulfuric acid(g/L)
A-25Alumite Sealing Solution Test KitNickel acetate(g/L)
A-26Alumite Phosphate Test KitPhosphoric acid(g/L)
OthersA-17Acid & Alkali Test KitSodium hydroxide(g/L)
Sulfuric acid(g/L)
Hydrochloric acid [Hydrogen chloride](g/L)

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