The Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS) is one of the major CNRS laboratories linked with Institute for Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS) and the Institute of Information Sciences and their Interactions (INS2I) Located at Toulouse, LAAS is associated with the 6 founding members of the University of Toulouse : T3PS, INSAT, INPT, UT2J, UT1C, ISAE. This means that CNRS researchers and faculty members work closely together to cover the various research topics addressed by LAAS.

This platform takes part of the french research network called RENATECH which gather 7 technological and research facilities (BTR) in the field of micro and nanotechnologies. In April 2007, a 1500 m2 clean room (Grade 10.000 and 100) was built at the LAAS-CNRS science center with the funding of the Midi-pyrenees regional council, the CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research), the French National Research Agency (ANR), the BTR Network and Affiliated Club of LAAS.

These pooled facilities allow design, development and integration of new devices for energy management, telecommunications, chemistry and biology, to the production of demonstrators on the basis of flexible chains.
Each year, The laboratory takes care of more than 70 internal and 80 external projects (academic and industrial).

Yamamoto’s tools are included into a specific area of the LAAS clean room (1500 m2) dedicated to Electroplating field. Two people are working at full time in this area and do electroplating processes on more than 850 wafers per year. They also take care of bath analysis, maintenance of equipment and technical support to researchers. In addition of 3 Yamamoto tools, the electroplating area also provide 4 manual and 4 industrials tools. There is also a specific area dedicated to the chemical analysis of electroplating baths in order to ensure maximum quality of plating.

We are able to plate different kind of materials from 0,5μm to 500 μm thickness.

Gold : for RF and Mems applications…
Copper : Passive components, interconnection, 3D plating and 3D RDL …
Magnetic alloy : Passive components
Nickel : Hot embossing systems, mechanical parts…
Aurolectroless : copper passivation

Person in charge:TEAM department,


They use…

Plating set with CE marking for 2 to 12 inch wafers.
This plating sets make it possible to carry out precise plating of semiconductors, MEMS and micromachines, using specially designed jigs, such as fully-sealed or non-sealed-type cathode cartridge. The set has overflow-system, which generates a gentle convection from the bottom of tank, while conducting continuous filtration. Applying air bubbling and paddle agitation simultaneously, very uniform film thickness is obtained. Our sets can also be applied for the plating of glass and film substrate.(Several patents acquired and pending in Japan and abroad.)
Applicable standard size is 2 to 12 inch, but we can accommodate your request to manufacture sets that meet various needs.
(Various types are such as fully sealed/non-sealed-type jigs, horizontal-type are available.)
*Please contact us for detail by contact page.

  1. Plating Analyzer
    Titration Analyzers, Boume Hydrometer, Sulphameter,

  2. Plating Test Kit
    Hull Cell Test Kit,Jet Plating,Strain Gauge-Type Stress-Meter,Spiral Contract-Meter, Haring Cell

  3. Wafer Plating Kit
    Silicon Wafer Plating Kit

  4. Laboratory and Small-lot Production Kit
    Beaker-KUN, , 2L laboratory Tank set,

  5. Barrel
    Horizontal Barrel, Tapered Barrel, Micro Barrel,Dummy Ball

  6. Tank
    Materials vary and tank volume from 33ml to 200L

  7. Heater/Thermostat
    Small Heaters, immersion heater, L-type heater

  8. Filter and agitation
    Multi-Filter, Air pump, Air Filter, cartridge

  9. Power Supply
    Programmable Power Supply, Silicon Rectifier, Step-down Transformer

  10. Cathode Rocker
    Paddle Cathode Rocker 200BWA, forr Electroless Plating, Beaker plating

  11. Jig
    Clasp for heater, sensor, Crips for samples, Rack

  12. Anode/Cathhoode
    Size vary, Hole processing and cutting are available

  13. Brush Plating
    For repair of wear and scratches and Decorative plating (engraving, etc.)
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