The mechanism of the Overflow Tank and Silicon Wafer Plating Tank is the same (except for air-agitating function, which is removal). Filtering is conducted constantly while in use.
Since the height of the liquid level is maintained at a certain level, the tank is suited for precision plating requiring severe current-distribution.
Standard tank is acrylic, but PP and heat-resistant PVC tanks are also available.
(Custom-orders are also accepted)
[Set includes:]20ℓ Overflow Tank /Filter Model-20APFA/Cathode Rocker/Thermostat (with boil-dry protection function) Heater/Air Pump /Air Pipe/ Busbar/Lead Wire/etc.


  1. Plating Analyzer
    Titration Analyzers, Boume Hydrometer, Sulphameter,

  2. Plating Test Kit
    Hull Cell Test Kit,Jet Plating,Strain Gauge-Type Stress-Meter,Spiral Contract-Meter, Haring Cell

  3. Wafer Plating Kit
    Silicon Wafer Plating Kit

  4. Laboratory and Small-lot Production Kit
    Beaker-KUN, , 2L laboratory Tank set,

  5. Barrel
    Horizontal Barrel, Tapered Barrel, Micro Barrel,Dummy Ball

  6. Tank
    Materials vary and tank volume from 33ml to 200L

  7. Heater/Thermostat
    Small Heaters, immersion heater, L-type heater

  8. Filter and agitation
    Multi-Filter, Air pump, Air Filter, cartridge

  9. Power Supply
    Programmable Power Supply, Silicon Rectifier, Step-down Transformer

  10. Cathode Rocker
    Paddle Cathode Rocker 200BWA, forr Electroless Plating, Beaker plating

  11. Jig
    Clasp for heater, sensor, Crips for samples, Rack

  12. Anode/Cathhoode
    Size vary, Hole processing and cutting are available

  13. Brush Plating
    For repair of wear and scratches and Decorative plating (engraving, etc.)
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