List of Hull Cells

Product NameProduct No.PhotoFeatures
Hull Cell (Thermostatic-Control-type Tank)B-53/B-53Wハルセル加温型Heater and air agitation are available.
*Heater on photo is sold separately.
Hull Cell (Air-Agitation-type Tank)B-54Wハルセル空気撹拌型Air agitation is available.
Diaphragm-type Hull Cell(Air-Agitation-type Tank)B-54-DW隔膜ハルセルPrevents consumption of additives when non-soluble anode, such as iridium oxide or titanium plated iridium, are used. Mainly for sulfuric copper plating.
Hull Cell (Standard-type Tank)B-55ハルセルStandard hull cell mainly for solder / tin plating.
Hull Cell (Standard/Glass-type Tank)B-55-Gハルセルガラス製A hull cell tank with the same shape as B-55 standard hull cell but made of glass. Possible to be indirectly heated with water bath.
Smart Hull Cell B-53-SM/B-53-SMWスマートハルセルNot only use of heater and air agitation, but also overflow agitation is available. Suitable for plating that air agitation is prohibit.
The volume is 500ml and also suitable for composite plating.
*Heater, magnetic stirrer, and stirrer stand on photo are sold separately.
Hull Cell (for Chromium-Use Tank)B-56ハルセルクロム用A hull cell tank for hexavalent chromium plating. To prevent from intensive rise of temperature, a hull cell with holes is fixed in a 1L tank.
Made of PVC.
Hull Cell (Thermostatic-Control-Type/Long Tank)B-53-L/B-53-LWハルセル加温型ロングLong type cell same as B-55-L.
Use of heater and air agitation are available.
*Heater on photo is sold separately.
Hull Cell (Air-Agitation/Long-type Tank)B-54-L/B-54-LWハルセル空気撹拌型ロングLong type cel same as B-55-L.
Air agitation is available.
Hull Cell (Standard/Long-type Tank)B-55-LハルセルロングIn order to observe effect of current density in more detail, Hull Cell long-type has longer cathode side than standard Hull Cell.
Suitable for alloy plating and others.
Hull Cell (Standard-Type, Glass Long-type Tank)B-55-LGハルセルロングガラスLong type cell same as B-55-L.
Made of glass.
Tenori Hull Cell (Air-Agitation-type Tank)B-54-Hてのりハルセル空気撹拌型Smaller cell same as B-55-H.
Air agitation is available.
Mainly for precious metal plating.
Tenori Hull Cell (Standard-type Tank)B-55-HてのりハルセルPossible to perform plating test with only a eighth (1/8) of liquid volume of standard Hull Cell. (33ml)
Mainly for precious metal plating.
Tenori Hull Cell (Standard/Glass-type Tank)B-55-HGてのりハルセルガラスSmaller cell same as B-55-H.
Made of glass.
Mainly for precious metal plating.


  1. Plating Analyzer
    Titration Analyzers, Boume Hydrometer, Sulphameter,

  2. Plating Test Kit
    Hull Cell Test Kit,Jet Plating,Strain Gauge-Type Stress-Meter,Spiral Contract-Meter, Haring Cell

  3. Wafer Plating Kit
    Silicon Wafer Plating Kit

  4. Laboratory and Small-lot Production Kit
    Beaker-KUN, , 2L laboratory Tank set,

  5. Barrel
    Horizontal Barrel, Tapered Barrel, Micro Barrel,Dummy Ball

  6. Tank
    Materials vary and tank volume from 33ml to 200L

  7. Heater/Thermostat
    Small Heaters, immersion heater, L-type heater

  8. Filter and agitation
    Multi-Filter, Air pump, Air Filter, cartridge

  9. Power Supply
    Programmable Power Supply, Silicon Rectifier, Step-down Transformer

  10. Cathode Rocker
    Paddle Cathode Rocker 200BWA, forr Electroless Plating, Beaker plating

  11. Jig
    Clasp for heater, sensor, Crips for samples, Rack

  12. Anode/Cathhoode
    Size vary, Hole processing and cutting are available

  13. Brush Plating
    For repair of wear and scratches and Decorative plating (engraving, etc.)
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